Snowball : Twist

Pocket Full of Posies



This month’s twist focuses on fabric selection! Sometimes all it takes to change the look of a block is to adjust the fabric used to make it. The Pocket Full of Posies block is a standard four-patch of Snowball blocks with one corner section changed in each block.

Let’s Make One: 

All Seams are 1/4″ and pressed open

Materials Needed (per block): 

  • Four 5″ squares  of one print
  • Four 2″ squares of a second print (flower center)
  • Twelve 2″ squares of background fabric

Using the Starter Block Tutorial , create a standard Snowball block. The difference from the standard block is that you’ll use three 2″ background squares and one 2″ print square for your corners. Your block will look like this:


Sew four Snowball blocks, each with one of the corner squares replaces with your second print. Sew these blocks together, making sure to match up the print corners so that they join in the middle.


That is your Posy block! The Pocket Full comes when you start making multiples and joining together. Here’s a group of four I made:


I love that by just changing one piece of this block it becomes less obvious that it’s a Snowball. I’m not sure if I’ll make that section above into (yet another) cushion or perhaps keep making more to join them together into a larger piece.

That wraps up our Traditional Block for this month. While I do still have a whole list to choose from, are there any requests for blocks I haven’t done yet? Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see!

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|Wordless Wed| Awesome Mix Vol 1

Part One Complete! Awesome Mix Vol 1


Cassette Foundation Pattern from Sewing Under Rainbow (Here)

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Snowball : Project


After spending a week at my desk focusing on design, I wanted to take this week just to appreciate some patchwork. Lucky for me, this month’s block speaks well for a repeating layout.

Plus I got to destroy another Charm Pack in the process. It seems no matter how often I design projects to purposely get rid of them my basket never empties out.

Charm Square Leftovers
This pack of Paint! from Such Designs had the (almost) perfect amount of squares to make a Snowball block pillow. I ended up with one square extra that I dumped in my scrap bucket. The rest got turned into nine Snowball blocks. For those wondering about measurements to work with charm squares I used the following for each block:

  • One 5″ charm for each center
  • One 5″ charm cut into (4) 2″ squares for the corners

Paint Charm Pack Pillow

The pillow comes out on the smaller side at  13″ square but I’ve made a lot of pillows on the larger end lately and a smaller one fits in nicely with the collection I’m amassing.

Quilting Detail


Simple quilting always shines for me when working with a repeating block design so I echoed my seam lines at 1/2″ to either side.

This project might have made me a little itchy to do a full quilt of Snowball blocks. I’ve definitely written it down in my studio notebook. Maybe if I can pull a stack of fabrics for it I can make it my leader/ender project right now during deadline season.

What fabrics would you use for a full Snowball quilt?

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Snowball : Starter Block

August is here and with it comes another new traditional block!

I was slightly undecided on what block to feature this month. I think I picked the Snowball block because I’m currently melting in the Georgia heat and dreaming of winter.


Block Size: 12.5″

Let’s Make One: 

Materials Needed:

  • One 12.5″ square
  • Four 4.5″ squares (you can use a single color here, I’m trying to burn through my solid scraps so I’ve got four different colors)
  • Marking Pen or Chalk



  • Start by using a ruler and your marking pen/chalk to draw a line down the diagonal center of each of your 4.5″ squares


  • Align your 4.5″ square with the corner of your 12.5″ square and sew down your marked line.


  • I like to sew an additional line 1/4″ away from the marked line (towards the outside corner) to make Half-Square Triangles. This step is completely optional, you can just trim away the excess.


  • Repeat the above steps to sew all four 4.5″ squares to your 12.5″ block. It will look like this:


  • Trim away the excess corners (in my case, I trim between the two sewn lines).


  • Press corners open and your block is finished! (Trim edges if necessary.)


The Snowball is one of the simpler traditional block but packs a punch when it is paired with other blocks or specific fabric choices for the corners are made.

My favorite combination is to pair this block with a Nine Patch (the scrappier the better).

Because the block has a simple construction, that means it’s easy to make in a variety of sizes!

Here’s what you’d need to start with in order to create smaller blocks:

  • 6.5″ unfinished = (1) 6.5″ square and (4) 2.5″ squares
  • 8.5″ unfinished = (1) 8.5″ square and (4) 3.25″ squares
  • 9.5″ unfinished = (1) 9.5″ square and (4) 3.5″ squares


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Heather Ross Churn Dash |Quilt Top|

It may have eaten up my entire stash of black on white fabric (and then consumed the four FQs I bought to restock), but this quilt top was worth every single second:


Outside of the four FQs that I bought to finish it up, this top was made completely from my scrap bin. I should make more scrappy quilts. I always love how they turn out. I’m starting to think that my personal style is going to lean towards having mixed backgrounds because I love it so much more than if I had used a solid.

This top measures 60″ x 84″ which is comfortable enough for me to use on the couch or have as my personal quilt in the bed.

I’m completely undecided on how I’m going to quilt it. I think I have it narrowed down to hand quilting or sending it off to be long-armed.

Hand quilting may be winning out by just the slightest amount.



This quilt is by far the best thing that I’ve made this year. It also helped me really sit and look at how I am as  a quilter. I know have a really clear idea of where I want to build my stash and the types of projects that I love the most. I think between all the cutting and piecing I worked on this quilt for a week and a half but never felt dragged down about it.

It’s been a long time since I felt that way in the studio.


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Churn Dash : Twist |Image Only – Pattern Coming Soon|

Can anyone tell me how it’s the end of the month already?

I feel like my work list for this month has doubled on me and there’s not nearly enough things crossed out on it.

No matter. It’s time for the Twist block of the month and this time around things are just the slightest bit different.


I’ve known what this month’s twist was going to be since *last month* which is a bit different for me. Usually, I’m playing around with chopping up blocks and doing a lot of sketches before I figure it out.

This time around, I had an idea and I just needed the sketches and the math to work. As I was figuring out all the math I just kept falling in love with this block.

So, to do it justice, I’ve placed some fabric on order and I’m going to make a full quilt out of it and turn it into a pattern.

I feel a little bad that it’s not another free tutorial this month but I’m hoping to make up for that with some more scheduled tutorials soon (any requests, by the by?).

I am excited however to keep adding to my pattern library.

Here’s a block image, done in solids while I was still fabric shopping:

Split Dash


It still needs a name. I originally thought Split Dash…but now I’m just leaning more towards Dashing.

I hope the quilt turns out the way in which I’m imagining it. We’ll see once my fabric order comes in!


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Sewvivor – A Thousand Needles – Allegory


I was rather exicted to see that this year’s Sew-vivor was quilting themed. It’s hosted over at the lovely Family Ever After Blog .

For my audition piece, I’m picking my Indelible Beauty Mini Quilt that I just finished up because it is a piece that has made me the happiest this year (I almost thought about using my Patchwork Weekender).



This mini quilt measures 26″ square and features fabrics from Indelible by Katarina Roccella for AGF. It was foundation pieced using templates designed by Dan at Piece and Press.  It was pieced and quilted this month (July of 2014). The quilting is pretty minimal (for me) with lines echoing the backgrounds in each arc as well as one full circle echo. I simply loved the hand of the Art Gallery base cloth too much to layer on quilting lines. I do love how the light quilting and the circle echo give the center piecing just a tiny bit of lift:


I always forget just how much I love foundation paper piecing until I get a new project started. This first inner arc already had me falling for this quilt:

Indelible + Paper Piecing

For those of you new to my creative chaos here’s a little about me:

My name is Allegory and I feel there are two things you can never have enough of: Halloween fabric and gummi bears. I have far too many English Paper Piecing WIPs and while I used to hate hexagons I’m slowly becoming convinced that they might be the best shape ever.

Also…I really want an Alpaca farm.

I think I covered all the key points there.

Thank you to Rach for hosting this great event! And thanks to y’all for stopping by to take a look at my entry!

Good luck, y’all!


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Indelible Beauty |Indelible Blog Hop|

indelible blog hop

I think I’ve made it pretty clear by now that I’m in love with this line. From the first moment that I saw it at Market I knew that it was everything that I didn’t even know I wanted in a fabric line. Each time I look at a piece from this collection I feel like I notice something that I didn’t notice before.

I’m so glad to call Katarina my friend now and couldn’t resist joining in on the blog hop for the release of this line.

My ideas for what to make for this hop have run the gambit from a Cathedral Window (my bolts of background are still on order) to English Paper Piecing pillows. Then I decided it was time to cross something off my “quilt dreams” list and ensure that it was size appropriate to live on my studio walls.

And I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out…

This mini quilt measures 26″ square but I’ve arranged all the background text pieces for it to be displayed on point.

The New York Beauty foundation templates came from Dan at Piece and Press.

For that bottom corner, I’ve used the same prints in the alternate color-way from the collection and I love how it emphasizes different sections of the design.

The quilting was very minimal on this piece simply because I love the hand of the fabric and wanted to leave out a lot of quilting texture. The backgrounds of each arc are quilted to echo the points and there’s an echo line of the whole circle. It’s bound in an Art Gallery Fabrics Squared Elements because I can’t stop using that line to bind things.


I’m not really a purple girl but I want to roll around in that background print. It’s rich and saturated and has so many layers of text and lace and objects on it that I never feel it’s “just purple” when looking at it. I made a point to tell Katarina at Market that this print is everything I’ve ever wanted in fabric all at once…and I still feel that way two months later.



I haven’t found the right spot to hang this in my studio yet so I’ll leave you with one more outdoor shot. I think I might take everything down from the wall behind my machine and rearrange it to feature this mini.

Indelible is out now and I think you should really run and grab some before I just buy all of it. I’ve already reordered more of the Doiland Gloss (the background print) in plum because I chopped my current yardage up into bits to get all the prints going just right in this piece.

Looking at how it turned out, I regret nothing.



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Churn Dash : Starter Block

Churn Dash



I’m rather excited for this month’s featured block. When I first started thinking about this series and was asking opinions on blocks, Churn Dashes were the 2nd most popular block mentioned!

Traditionally, these blocks are made of two fabrics, your feature fabric and the background fabric. I couldn’t resist using a focus fabric for the center and a bit of scrappiness for the rest. It seemed silly to make a different style for the tutorial when I’m already using these fabrics for a project anyway!



Let’s Make One: 

Block size: 12.5″ square

In this tutorial I’m going to be referring to the sections of this block as follows: Color A (the Churn Dash color), Color B (background fabric) and Center Block (traditionally in the background color). You can make your block scrappy like mine or use only two fabrics for a more traditional look.

Materials Needed:

  • One 4.5″ square for your Center (green for me)
  • Two 5″ squares of Color A (orange for me)
  • Two 5″ squares of Color B (black/white backgrounds)
  • Four 2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles of Color A
  • Four 2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles of Color B
  • Marking pen/chalk

Strip Piecing Note: If you are using two fabrics for this block then you can strip piece the rectangles. You’ll need a 2.5″ x 19″ strip of each fabric. Sew them together with a 1/4″ seam and sub cut into 4.5″ square sections (you’ll have a scrap leftover because the strips are longer than needed just in case of errors). 


  • First step will be to make the Half-Square Triangles (HSTs) for the corners. You’ll need your 5″ squares of Colors A and B. Place one Color A square and one Color B square right-sides together. Using a ruler and a marking pen/chalk, draw a diagonal line down the center on the wrong side.



  • Sew two lines down the center 1/4″ away from your marked line.



  • Using scissors or a rotary cutter, cut down your marked line and press your HSTs open.
  • Repeat these steps for the second 5″ square of Color A and B.
  • Trim your HSTs to 4.5″ square. You’ll have four total.


  • Take one 2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangle from Color A and Color B. Place them right sides together and sew with a 1/4″ seam. Press open. Repeat with your other three rectangles of each color. You’ll have four units that each measure 4.5″ square. (This step is already done if you started off with the Strip Piecing Note in the cutting section.)
  • Layout your churn dash block following the diagram below.

Row One: HST – Strip Square (Horizontal) – HST

Row Two: Strip Square (Vertical) – Center – Strip Square (Vertical)

Row Three: HST – Strip Square (Horizontal) – HST



  • Sew each row together using 1/4″ seams to join squares.
  • Join rows with 1/4″ seams being sure to align your center seams in each section.



  • Press open and repeat, repeat, repeat (because you can never make just one Churn Dash).

Cutting instructions for the smaller Churn Dash: 

Block size: 6.5″ square

  • One 2.5″ Center square
  • Two 3″ squares in Color A
  • Two 3″ squares in Color B
  • Four 1.5″ x 2.5″ rectangles in Color A
  • Four 1.5″ x 2.5″ rectangles in Color B

Strip piecing notes: Again, if you are just using two fabrics and not scraps you can strip piece those rectangle sections. You’ll need one strip in each color that measures 1.5″ x 11″. Sew together with a 1/4″ seam, press open and sub-cut into four 2.5″ squares. 

Piecing the smaller blocks is the same as piecing the large. You’d start by making HSTs with the 3″ squares. Trim those town to 2.5″. Then piece your split squares. Join units together in the same layout as above!

I love Churn Dashes because I feel like they look incredible in absolutely any fabric combination. I’m going to be digging through my stash of Heather Ross fabrics this week to cut more centers and see how many I have. There might have to be a bit of Etsy shopping happening so I can make a whole stack of these!

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|MHT| Pumpkins and Blackbirds

MHT 1.1

I’m a bit behind on Club #1 for Mysterious Halloween Town but I’m still hopeful that I can have this step finished before the second clue releases. I’m just shy of halfway as you can see above.

I thought today I’d show off some of my favorite bits that are happening because I’m using Weeks Dye Works for the whole project.

Primarily the pumpkins are turning out super lovely. My choice of WDW Copper gives them this shaded feel that I’m quickly falling in love with:

MHT 1.2


The blackbirds have a green stitch to fill in their eyes but I’m currently resisting filling that in. I really think that I’m liking it far more with just an open space.

How are y’all coming along with yours?

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