|Quilt| Courthouse Diamonds


The smart thing to do would have been to wait until the afternoon when the light was better and there were fewer shadows.

I couldn’t wait.


This little quilt is unlike a lot of the things that I’ve been sewing recently and I think that’s the thing I love about it the most. The colors are soft, there’s sparkle fabric and the binding is so skinny it almost disappears (I tend towards chunky binding).

Then there’s the shape. I couldn’t resist this off-square layout that forms a trapezoid that is *almost* a diamond with each side measuring 34″.

It makes an interesting table piece:



I’m looking forward to moving later on this year so that I can have a proper dining room table set up for displays. Once that happens, I could see myself building a little display on top of this quilt. Some mason jars stuffed with white flowers to start maybe?

I don’t know…..Can you tell that I really want a table, y’all? The one above is a hideous thing taken from a warehouse I used to work in that has become the “dangerous/messy/giant project table” because I don’t care that much about scratching/burning/melting it.

Right…enough about my ugly table.

For now, I’m going to hunt down a lonely space on the wall to hang this up. Possibly in the bedroom since I believe that’s the only space left that I haven’t covered.

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  1. Katy June 4, 2014 at 2:47 pm #

    Mmm, sparkles! I don’t actually have a dining table, if that makes you feel marginally better? ;)

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